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I almost donīt write here lol

Well I do know if somebody reads this journal but...

Iīve created an fanpage for my cosplays, well, I really like to upload the photos here but I think is easier to communicate by facebook. 

It will be written in english  (most part) so if you want, just come to check it on (and if you like I will love you foverver LOL)

Thank you so much for reading this 
Hellow people...

Last monday I took some pictures with my friend Sumire, it was so funny because I was dress like a boy and she is not ashamed to do sexys poses lol. The old people around the park couldn´t stop staring at us XDDD

I have a few cosplays photos to up here, but I have to resize them.
I have this account for years but still not used to use it ^^

Lately I´ve been trying to study more art but  I can´t see any progress and it is a little bit frustrating U_U
I do want to be better on it but the time and the lack of talent are my enemies XD
I hope to get better enough to be able to upload some of my draws here without being ashammed of XDD
Well...starting  today this thing
still don´t know what to do, but...

the avatar on my profile was a friend´s present for me, vivi witch *-*
I loved so much that I´m using all time *-*
tks a lot vivis

for now, is just it
still learning english too

rocketto bye bii